Sunday, August 8, 2010

My husband, Booker T, and I felt compelled to write this book of fiction

Based on my eleven years clean and sober, I share my personal interpretation of a deadly illness known as addiction. My degree on the disease of addiction came from knowledge acquired through pain and growth through life. While on my quest to enlighten how I rid myself of all drugs and alcohol, I visited correctional and treatment and talked to groups of men and women of all races and ages. The recurring themes of our conversations were, “Drugs and lifestyle, had been their downfall.” I must say that it felt good being able to go into a prison and walk back out the same day. Not having to live with those slamming steel doors day after day for years of my life was a blessing. Every time I went inside a prison, I thanked God that this was not my story.

Then the sting of prison slapped me personally, with my husband and son going into prison. Drugs and Lifestyle had boldly taken over my home with and without my permission. I make that statement because I saw the power of the lifestyle consuming the two men in my life. I vividly recall the big guns, then even bigger guns, that were in what was supposed to be a secret place inside our home.