Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If Dope is the answer to your problem! Get this book and find the answer to the dope, and Alcoh is dope

Author Roxanne C. Fredd is12 years clean from all dope and alcohol. What has she done while clean? She has combined an urban style novel along with a recovery-based theme to create her fictional novel, IF THE DRUGS DON'T GET U THE LIFESTYLE WILL. All of her years clean gives her the right or, should I say, expert qualifications to talk of sick behaviors inside her book. Her book allows the reader a look at the beginning and the end of the ‘get high’ road. She thanks God daily for removing active addiction. This urban story will grab readers' attention with the intensity of the street life! They will also receive seeds of recovery as they learn how to get away from the perils of drug abuse and the violence that is prevalent on the streets.