Sunday, May 29, 2011 ~ IUBF ~ Author, Roxanne C. Fredd


  1. Yo!!! Thats awsome, girl! Thats an amazing inspiring story...alotta ppl should know anything is possible when u put ur heart and soul into makin it happen, especially against all odds! :8-)~

  2. keep up the good work auntie im very proud of u

  3. love u always and forever

  4. You are trulley amazin roxanne you are an insperation to many to have been thru so much and to believe in a dream an believe init so much major respect to you for keeping your dream alive you are unique and can not be beaten xxxxx

  5. A2_the_Prince A2
    @newcomer01 Suck my dick. Dope???? I don't "do dope" Those rehabbed fools abused drugs by their own choosing. That's not my fault. #Fuckoff

  6. Hello Roxanne, I really liked your video. You're so right about not letting anything stop you when you have goals. Alot of folks that never had any addictions never really get it. They have no idea how much strength it takes to get out of hell. Its an achievement for a person when they can say, I've been clean for so & so amount of time. The video it gave me hope. I want to wish you and your family a happy new year! Good luck with your future and your books. Enjoy the day. sher22

  7. Dear Sir.
    This is a letter of thank you for opening up to my moment of desperation.

    In (2003) I began Columbus state through a program called Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. My counselor shared with me that my IP, Psychology workout showed that I would never be a completer, that I start things and never finish. Knowing this forced me to work harder. My drug rehabilitation, my dyslexia and depression feed my desperation of not wanting to be that person and prompted me to email everyone at Columbus state to try to get help so that I wouldn’t be pushed out of school.

    While I did start school in 2003 I had to stop due to health issues. My time out of school allowed me time to self-publish four books, As Author Roxanne C Fredd.

    Gas Card
    Gas Card Reloaded,
    If the Drugs Don’t Get U the lifestyle Will, and
    As I Prayed He Prayed

    Today I have 15 years clean from the use of drugs and alcohol and 10 years clean from smoking cigarettes along with 13 years married, I am not a quitter!!!

    So yes it was that point of desperation not wanting to leave Columbus state that took me to email you and ask for help

    It took seven years but in 2011 I work my way back to Columbus State in a power chair at 500 pounds and some health issues.
    I was back and doing well then shortly after starting class, I had to take on three grandchildren. My three-year-old grandson anal-raped his sister four-year-old granddaughter sexually molested and the oldest boy traumatized age six. Even in the midst of that I keep coming while trying to get help for these sweet little babies.

    Taking care those little people getting them to treatment and taking care of them I still went to school but my grades began to drop. With two children are in school one is in daycare then January 2012 my husband comes home from Federal prison after being gone for seven years. another hurdle for me to get over tending to the children's needs tending to my husband needs going to school doing my homework my grades are still suffering 2013 everyone's where you're supposed to be and I'm able to focus in school I'm able to get my work done now I'm getting pushed out because of the lack of financial aid. I have two math and one science to complete before graduation. I may not have graduated this semester I would've graduated in the summer

    I am not comfortable with change and I know that when God closes one door he opens another the door. The door to Columbus State graduation has close for me and I will one day have acceptance. Because I am not a quitter I will graduate just not from Columbus State. I'm sure I'm not the only person to be raked over the coals by missing points in taking that 1099 class. I feel that it should’ve been considered when it was formulated, once again I just want to thank you. I want to thank Columbus State for all that it has given me. I want to thank you for being open to receive my message thank you.


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